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Presto Eat Continues To Hit New Strides With Daily Deliveries Recorded

Presto Eat Continues To Hit New Strides With Daily Deliveries Recorded

Presto Eat reached a new milestone in orders made per day on the 23rd of September, the daily record has been broken multiple times during September to add to the company’s achievements since it has been established and started delivering orders less than one year ago.

Prestoman is the name of Presto Eat drivers a character which is loved by young and old all over Tripoli.

“It comes as no surprise,” CEO Ammar Hmid says, he adds “the service that Presto Eat provides to the Libyan market is unprecedented, providing groceries delivery in 15 minutes and having more than 380 partner restaurants in greater Tripoli with approximately 200 thousand users to our app are just unreal numbers for a service that did not even complete its one year anniversary” Presto Eat crashed the Libyan market firstly with its food delivery service then it started its first grocery delivery during the holy month of Ramadan, the service named ‘Presto Jet’ aims to deliver grocery orders to the customer in mere minutes, starting from the company’ warehouses scattered across Tripoli to the customer’s home.

Ammar adds “every month we reach more accolades, we are still climbing the hill and we think that there is more to come from the Libyan market’ Presto Eat is open to expand its coverage to reach new Libyan cities, “we certainly plan to expand our services further in Libya, we proved that the Libyan market is hungry for such projects that provide services to the people, not only in a city like Tripoli but even in other cities and towns”.

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